Stephen R. Brogden
Library Services Director
Phone: (805) 449-2660 x7300

Steve Brogden brings over 35 years of library administrative experience to the Thousand Oaks Library System. He has previously worked in libraries in Iowa, New Mexico, and Arizona. Steve came to Thousand Oaks in October, 1990 and served as the library's Deputy Director until December of 1999 when he was appointed Director of Library Services. Mr. Brogden is currently an adjunct faculty member in the Masters in Library and Information Science program provided jointly by the California State University at Northridge and the University of North Texas.

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Administrative and Supervisory Staff
Deputy Library Services Director Nancy Schram (805) 449-2660 x7351
Division Manager Chris Hendel (805) 449-2660 x7367
Division Manager Samantha Yeung (805) 449-2660 x7332
Newbury Park Branch Supervisor Darren Jeffery (805) 498-2139
Collection Management Supervisor VACANT
Circulation Services Supervisor Eamon McSweeney  (805) 449-2660 x7330
Children's Services Supervisor Charlotte Burrows (805) 449-2660 x 7338
Readers & Info. Svs. Supervisor VACANT (805) 449-2660
Program Coordinator Jana Covell (805) 449-2660 x7358
Community Services Coordinator Francine Sprigel (805) 449-2660 x7362