Social Host Ordinance
  About the City's Social Host Ordinance:

In an effort to combat underage drinking, the Thousand Oaks City Council enacted “social host” legislation in 2006.  Known as a liability ordinance, the social host ordinance holds non-commercial party hosts accountable for underage drinking events that occur on their property by imposing specific civil penalties as determined by the City Council.  This ordinance provides law enforcement an effective tool and serves as a significant deterrent to hosting parties with underage drinking.

Penalties for a violation the social host ordinance begin at $2,500.00 for the first violation, $3,500.00 for the second, and $5,000.00 for the third and subsequent violations.  Violators may be permitted to perform community service in lieu of a financial penalty for the first violation only. Community service hours have been increased to 120 hours within one year. An additional $100 fee was added to the Citywide User Fee schedule in October 2013 for administration of community service hours in lieu of the Social Host fine.

For additional information or for a list of resources and prevention services for youth and adults visit the links below: 

Thousand Oaks Social Host Ordinance T.O.M.C.  5-26.04(a)
Local social service providers and volunteer opportunities

Ventura County's Behavioral Health, Alcohol, and Drug Programs 

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Download the Social Host Ordinance Impact Evaluation: Phase II Findings - 2013