(Note: These Applications are designed for Legal Sized Paper, except for the ones designed for faxing.)
Section UL
 Building Permit (901.4 KB)
 Electrical Permit (430.9 KB)
 Fax Service Permit (14.4 KB)
 Mechanical Permit (328.3 KB)
 Permit by Fax (11.8 KB)
 Plumbing Permit (327.9 KB)
 Pool/Spa Combination Permit (335.4 KB)
Code Compliance
Section UL
 Block Party Permit (132.8 KB)
 Code Compliance Complaint (6.6 KB)
 Farm Animal Permit (56.2 KB)
 Film Permit (318 KB)
 Home Occupation Permit (23.7 KB)
 Multiple Residences/Boutique Garage Sale Permit (29.4 KB)
 Request for Public Convenience and Necessity (39.5 KB)
 Special Event Permit (138.2 KB)
Section UL
 Administrative Action (not Mobile Business) (83.8 KB)
 Agreement for Payment - Environmental Impact Report (266.2 KB)
 Agreement for Payment - Landscape Review (196.6 KB)
 Agreement for Payment - Mitigated Negative Declaration (266.2 KB)
 Agreement for Payment - Negative Declaration (266.2 KB)
 Agreement for Payment - Time & Material Billing (63.8 KB)
 Agreement for Payment - Wireless Telecommunications Review (153.4 KB)
 Appeal of a Planning Commission Decision to the City Council (63.3 KB)
 Appeal of an Administrative Decision to the Planning Commission (63.8 KB)
 Certificate of Compliance (405.9 KB)
 Design Review (214.2 KB)
 Development Permit, Special Use Permit or Major Modification To (108.5 KB)
 Lot Line Adjustment (65.8 KB)
 Minor Modification (117.7 KB)
 Mobile Business (53.6 KB)
 Municipal Code Amendment (120 KB)
 Oak Tree Permit (155.5 KB)
 Oak Tree Permit - Dead/Hazardous Tree (25.8 KB)
 Outdoor Smoking Permit (56.9 KB)
 Parcel Map Waiver (79.9 KB)
 Pre-Application Submittal (65.9 KB)
 Precise Plan of Design for Modifications to an Existing Home (456.8 KB)
 Precise Plan of Design to Construct a New Home (170.1 KB)
 Residential or Hillside Planned Development or Major Modification To (108.3 KB)
 Sale and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages (62 KB)
 Tentative Tract Map, Land Division or Modification To (93.1 KB)
 Variance or Major Modification To (109.3 KB)
 Wireless Communication Facility Application Package (223.4 KB)
 Zone Change (61.1 KB)